Surfer’s world: how to get thrashed (and make friends)

This story…  I want to tell it so badly; almost as much as I want to be a part of it.

All good storytellers know that the best way to tell a story is from within. But to get there, you either have to have been there for years already (an insider’s story) or you have to get there… fast.  And that is pretty much where this story begins.

130118_0392_lowresAIt’s a mixed bag of Filipino surfers I am hanging with these days: an adrenalin junkie with a hard plan to earn a million pesos before the year is out, a couple of extremely hot surfer chicks determined to have fun and make their mark in retail sponsorship, a mom and daughter film crew, a playboy investor scouting the high life for the next big gig, a pair of tourists and a wannabe journalist. We’re a team of comic relief waiting for disaster by boarding a rented banca, determined to hit swell on the open water side of Zambales, Philippines. Continue reading

In the wake of Ondoy: Tumana

Tumana, Philippines - Children enjoy a nutritious meal thanks to Pastor Rading and Lillian Bataller's community feeding programs.

Tumana, Philippines – A young boy enjoys a nutritious meal at a community feeding program.

The headlines are gone; tied up in twine and buried or burned shortly after it happened.  The Press, too, is gone; off chasing the next disaster-du-jour, so we hear nothing more and think things are fine.  But the story of life in the wake of Typhoon Ondoy – a super storm that devastated parts of Luzon, the northern island of the Philippines in 2008, killing almost 800 people and displacing millions – is still unfolding because of the work of people you really should meet. Continue reading

Papa John’s Center update

Visited Gemma B. over at Papa Johns Center to hear more about her work with abandoned kids in metro-Manila here in the Philippines.  Our family was introduced to PJC during a short term trip that my wife and 5-kids took with Action International back in 2008.

Gemma, if you don’t know has responded compassionately to a call that God put on her heart to care for these children at risk in the Philippines. In doing so, she put her budding dental career on hold to devote herself to what she believes is more important work.  She’s never looked back.

These are just some of the many that Gemma has been serving over the years.  For our part, we have been helping to support the educational needs of these kids with a weekly bottle drive called Recycle for Life back in Canada.

As I hope these quick pics can tell you, the kids are doing great!

Photo Walkabout – Day 1: Metro Manila

Back in metro Manila again and I am blown away by the pace of life and incredible growth that’s going on here.  High rises and condo salespeople are everywhere!

The purpose behind this trip – call it a Photo Walkabout – is to simply chase light, recharge my creative batteries and refine my vision.  The good Lord and Wifi willing, I’ll keep you posted with regular posts to the blog here; so don’t be shy – sign up for email updates over in the right of the page and let’s see where this goes.  And feel free to drop a comment or two; these trips are always more fun when folks share a journey together.

Cheers! ~ craig

Light and tight: the Lowepro Rover Pro 45L AW

My need to downsize is a function of man hours and poundage – seriously, I’ve been schlepping 30 pounds of gear around on my shoulders since the turn of the century and the body is starting to tell me something: “Lighten UP!”

To that end, when Lowepro asked for my thoughts on their Rover Pro 45L AW bag, I jumped at the chance and am glad that I did.

Vernon, BC - Out on a family daytrip with daughter and dog.

Vernon, BC – A family daytrip with daughter (aka my shirpa) and Duchess the dog.


Straight out of the package, it is clear that the Rover Pro is born for the lightweight at heart.  Continue reading

How to fix a stuck filter

The following method was explained to me by a Canon Professional Service technician.  Note: this procedure is not recommended for the faint of heart!

Headshots: diversify your face

There’s more to great headshots these days than just your head.  You’ve got to engage the imagination if you really want to catch folks’ attention.

Case in point: Chris, the proprietor of Panmelodia – an independent music production company – dropped by the other day needing photos to introduce his new (top secret) business launch – the culmination of a pricey year of studies in Langera College’s Music Production Program. One might argue that business launches should not be top secret, but Chris wants to get his branding and content down tight before he starts beating the drum and that makes pretty good sense.

Playing off on the notion of diverse talent with defined style, we decided to create a series of personal portraits for his website that had a photo booth feel to it. Let us know what you think.


As for the launch… stay tuned.  Big things are coming in just a few weeks time.

Armistice, lest we forget…

ImageIn my mind, O.B. Pulsifer, Sr. is the stuff of legends. A tough blend of maverick and enterprise; persistence that verged on stubborn logic and, yes, even deep emotion (though no one was supposed to know). It’s quite likely that Alexander Keith’s Ale coined their best slogan after hearing about Grampy because: “Those that liked [him], liked him a lot.”


In fairness, the same could not be said of all. After reading a couple of his scathing letters to various politicians – from the Prime Minister on down – about democracy and how to restore it – I’m quite certain that he did have his detractors. But it being Armistice (Remembrance) Day, I am here to say that he should be numbered among a generation of countless heroes.

Continue reading


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